Technical means for surveillance activities in accordance with Clause 2.2 of Article 13 of the Federal Law of July 6, 2016 No. 374-FZ

Database information system for surveillance activities corresponding to Clause 2.2 of Article 13 of the Federal Law of July 6, 2016 No. 374-FZ, and also Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 27, 2005 No. 538

Modular probe for voice traffic interception for high-speed communication channels

Is a passive probe used to retrieve data from E1 channels, tap and convert PCM frame contents into Ethernet format frames.


Processing system with the set of modules of CDR (Call Detail Record) files decoding

Software and hardware system for data processing and visualization

Intelligent software ETL platform to process data and build structured data storages

Decoding SIGTRAN format data streams, coming from telecom operators' switching equipment

System that allows to track any events in real time by any data types

Special search system in unstructured textual arrays of data

Filtration & Aggregation

Convert media and data between Ethernet interfaces 100GBASE-LR4 (CFP4), 100GBASE-SR10 (CFP2), 10GBASE (SR)

Advanced Russian development for network traffic filtering in 1G-10G networks

10G switches on integrated circuits designed by NORSI-TRANS

Filtration of the traffic on the network level in the 10G-40G-100G networks

Unique solution for hardware classification (DPI) and aggregation of IP traffic

End-to-end solution for telecom operators and Internet service providers networks legality

Equipment for load testing of IP network devices

Problem solution for high speed DPI-2 managed Ethernet-switching

Network management system

Hardware switching/routing of packages on the basis of SDN rules tables

Industrial Server Equipment

Two-socket server supporting up to 12 3.5” HDD cores and 120 TB memory in ultra dense 1U form factor


Multifunctional platforms intended for use in public communications networks as data packet switching equipment

Interception and monitoring of information on IP-network with load of up to 2 Gbit/sec, including 12-hour cyclic record buffer

Deep analysis of Ethernet traffic of up to 10Gbit/s

Collection and analysis of Wi-Fi traffic in wireless networks

Modular probe for traffic interception and monitoring for high-speed channels and traffic of up to 10Gbit/s

Carrying out certified tests (factory and linear) of the communication interface and the protocol of data exchange in data transfer channel between LI and MC on network and services

Solution designed for installation in the complex of Internet traffic monitoring and analyzing

Interception and monitoring of IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi) standard wireless connection traffic, designed as a tablet PC based on OS Android

Clustered interception system for communications channels with a bandwidth of up to 1000 Gbit/sec

LIMS for Mass Data Retention

Interaction with OSS/BSS of communication networks and data transmission networks operators

Certification tests of communication interface and information exchange protocol in data transmission channels between Operative Investigative Activities DB IS and Control Panel

OIA DB IS of realization of the Government Regulation №538 of the Russian Federation for telephone operators

Collective LI solution for several operators of a data transmission network who don't have opportunity to acquire an LI solution independently

Specialized LAN switch, organizing probe points and anti-NAT solution for realization of LI functions on small data transmission nodes

Cost-effective LI solution for small nodes with load of up to 1 Gbit/sec

Single LI solution for data transmission network operator with his own communication centers

Processing the information about communication services provided to subscribers

High density load server, based on high-performance ASUS server motherboard

Series of high-performance systems of graph processing and aggregating databases

NoSQL database intended for specialized processing of the information coming from high-speed communication channels

System for high-performance upload and accumulation of CDR/IPDR data arrays, and for their processing

АПК доступа к информации об абонентах и оказанных им услугах связи

Operative Investigative Activities technical means of interaction with information systems and resources of organizers of information dissemination

"Panther 100G" - Network Application Server. Network traffic processing up to 120 Gbps to 1U.


URL Blocking, full compatibility with Roskomnadzor standards

System that analyzes signaling traffic in mobile operator networks in real time and prevents SMS fraud

Processing storage and retrospective analysis of the Internet protocol information

System for telecom operator's network monitoring and surveillance, failure tracking and traffic analysis in real time

End-to-end solution for telecom operators and Internet service providers networks legality

Monitoring, filtering and control of the Internet activity in the network

Monitoring of data streams of local area network section intended for increase of efficiency of counteraction to internal threats of data privacy

LIMS for Mobile & Fixed Networks

Monitoring of the telecommunication network, supporting the IMS architecture

Vitok protocol converter70-268

Non-intrusive signal tap for E1 streams

Conducting the certification tests (factory and linear) of the communication and exchange of information interface in the channels of data transmission between LI and Control Panel on telephone stations

Information exchange between (X) LI systems and (Y) CP (Control Panel)

Interception and monitoring of VoIP-telephony

Telephony interception and monitoring on the communication network supporting SDH architecture

Telephony interception and monitoring in digital communication lines of E1/G.703 and PDH standard

Hub for probe devices Vitok-SDH, Vitok-E1, Vitok-IPTel for communication and transfer of control data to Control Panel


Search in open sources, developing relationships between key concepts, and display of the constructed relationships between objects

Server hardware

Universal Application Server

Universal Application Server

Superdense storage server

Artificial Intelligence

Hardware and software for speech recognition and analysis.

Langraf-SKRINS is a set of basic software recognition module for handwritten and printed text.