NanoSwitch 64/128 + 100G

Solution for high speed managed Ethernet-switching.

NORSI-TRANS Company provides problem unique solution for high speed managed Ethernet-switching: NanoSwitch.

The device is designed for solution of specific problems of Ethernet-frames and IP-packets managment of 10G-40G-100G networks. For most purposes the platform NanoSwitch provides only a hardware analysis and transmission of data. The platform does not use CPU resources and is able to operate zero-loss for years.

Support of complex networking stacks and configurations, advanced functionality and updates can be delivered to the customer in the form of a firmware produced by NORSI-TRANS.

Key features:

  • Integrated 64 duplex 10G/1G Ethernet (or 128 half-duplex), STM-1/4/16/64;
  • Expanding to 2x100G Ethernet/20x10G Ethernet (up to 84x10G), possibility of connection of up to 16x40G Ethernet;
  • SNMP monitoring and management;
  • 3 basic modes of operation: aggregation, switching, virtualization;
  • Transparent channel aggregation "any to any" with a balancing feature;
  • Special technology of aggregation of up to 9.8 Gb/s traffic on the outgoing port;
  • Virtualization of Ethernet: forwarding, redundancy, half duplex;
  • Support of network stack of any complexity (depth).

Front panel NanoSwitch

Back panel NanoSwitch

Brief Specification:

Ethernet 10G standard802.3aePower consumption100-200W
Ethernet 40G/100G standard802.3baPower supply redundancy220V 50Hz
Small Form-factor Pluggable SFP+, CFP2+CFP4, специальный, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 и STM-64Device managementETH/SSH/WEB
The number of 10G Ethernet ports12/24/32/64Form-factor1RU
Optional connectivity of 40G and 100G Ethernet interfaces

Power efficiency, compactness and stability:

  • Power consumption 1RU up to 200W;
  • Guaranteed network bandwidth not less than 640 Gbit/s in 1RU (or 1280 Gbit/s half-duplex);
  • The channel data processing without hard drives, processors and operating systems.

 The flexibility:

  • Flexible re-configurable product, possibility to buy the new modes of the product without having to replace hardware;
  • Software updating in the form of firmware.

 Fields of application:

1. Organization monitoring the network without loss 84x10G RX + 84x10G TX  1RU:

  • management of traffic streams: aggregation of any input to any output;
  • balancing of streams: even distribution of the aggregated stream on the outputs;
  • filtering, classification: monitoring of only selected types of traffic or packets;
  • stacking of devices.

2. Ethernet 84x10G in 1RU virtualization:

  • 84х42U  10GE  full-duplex ports for traffic monitoring in a single rack;
  • trunk ports with minimal delays (100 ns), and no bandwidth limitations;
  • switching of virtual channels with bandwidth limitations;
  • shaping of virtual channels, bandwidth differentiation;
  • redundant channels, constant testing with switching to the backup channel on the basis of L2 switching.

 3. Filtering and content management in real-time:

  •  total number of L2/L3/L4 filters — up to 16384;
  • simultaneous non-blocking duplication and filtration of each incoming port to any outgoing ports;
  • possibility of binding of several rules of filtration by OR-NOT logical rules;
  • possibility of selection by IP/PORT pairs, including subnet masks, the mode of two-way (BIDIR) filtration;
  • parsing of the tunnelled and fragmented traffic.

4. Statistics gathering server from the service provider’s network (the bandwidth graphics, the double graphics, the narrow places of network), 1RU.