NT does its own PCB design for its equipment. Our experience in the development and production of various types of printed circuit boards allows us to design and trace printed circuit boards of any complexity and accuracy class.

For our own products at all stages of the creation of telecommunications equipment, we perform the following works:

  • development of principles of operation of the device;
  • development of technical specifications;
  • development of an electrical circuit;
  • layout of printed circuit boards;
  • purchase of the necessary equipment;
  • writing specialized software;
  • testing and certification of finished devices;
  • mass production of electronic products;

As part of standard server cases for switching and routing network traffic, we develop and produce standard backplanes in various versions.

Typical backplanes include:

  • 12xLFF board for connecting hard drives;
  • Integrated PCIe-SATA 6G bridge or switching chip;
  • Integrated SAS/SATA port multipliers to support 12 drives.