"Vitok-TAP-8E1" is a QuOS device for E1 streams."Vitok-TAP-8E1" is designed for connection to E1 streams, built on the base of twisted UTP pair (120 ohm). The repeater "Vitok-TAP-8E1" is designed for connection of 8 E1 streams. It is possible to implement the solution on 16 E1 ports.

Technical characteristics:

  • Number of input lines: 8/16 duplex (four-wire);
  • Physical connection: parallel;
  • Protocol of physical layer of the technical communication channels: ITU-T G.703;
  • Signal socket standard: RJ-45;
  • Type of wiring: unshielded twisted pair;
  • Output resistance: 120 ohm (AC);
  • Input-output transmission coefficient: 0± 1.5 dB;
  • Nonlinear distortion factor: <-26 dB;
  • 220±10% V AC supply, 50±1hz;
  • Weight: 4100 g;
  • Overall dimensions (length, depth and height): 439/255/44 mm.

The solution can be configured with DC power module and two power modules.