"Vitok-3Х" -  is a tool for achievement of the greatest efficiency of analysis of large amount of various information. Mechanisms of data visualization provide quick search of solutions and quick assessment of facts.

Area of application:

The program-analytical system can be used in different spheres of activity for:

  • Collection and analysis of telecommunication data;
  • Geoinformation analysis.

Purposes of application:

  • Information resource management;
  • Timely decision-making;
  • A revelation of correlations and implicit regularities;
  • Search and filtering of all information types.

Collection of data from different sources:

  • Create and customize an object model of the subject area for the solution of various tasks;
  • Create and set the unlimited number of attributes for objects of the model of investigation;
  • Create and customize the rules of display (color, form, thickness and length of a line, type of icon for an object) for objects and links depending on the object attribute value;
  • Specify arbitrary external data source query types.

At the same time, this mechanism allows to combine information received from various external data sources.

Data processing:

A mechanism of analytical module construction is implemented in the system for data processing. With the help of adjustable analytical modules it is possible to implement:

  • Access to different sources of data (both structured and unstructured);
  • Preprocessing and processing of data on algorithms of the customer;
  • Execution of analytical tasks in form of stored procedures and requests located on the data source that allows to accelerate significantly processing of the large amount of information.

Data analysis:

Hidden patterns and links can be revealed and analyzed during data processing. All the information is displayed in a single user interface. The System allows to:

  • Display information in the form of:
  1. tables;
  2. graphs and diagrams of different types;
  3. temporary, circular, network and hierarchy schemes of objects and links.
  • Present graphically data in 2D and 3D modes;
  • Customize a visual presentation of objects and links (colors and forms of objects, thickness and curves of lines of links, colors and types of diagrams, etc.);
  • Carry out filtering and search of objects and connections of the investigation.

Brief about the product:

  • Single information access interface;
  • Possibility to describe any subject area with the unlimited number of objects attributes;
  • Support of multiple information sources:
  1. internal systems;
  2. external databases (Огасlе, SQL Server, etc).