Multifunctional platforms NT-nanoSwitch3-32 (NT-NS3-32), NT-nanoSwitch3-64 (NT-NS3-64), traffic aggregation devices: Vitok-Aggregator-32, Vitok-Aggregator-64 (hereinafter - Vitok-Aggregator equipment), developed by CJSC NORSI-TRANS, intended for use in public communications networks as data packet switching equipment. Vitok-Aggregator equipment is intended for operation at 20-80% relative humidity (without condensation) and operating temperature range of 5 to 40 ° C. Figure 1 shows the scheme of connection of Vitok-Aggregator equipment to the public.

Figure 1: communication network, indicating the implemented interfaces.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Communication standards: Ethernet (1GE, 10GE), SDH (STM-1/4/16/64);
  • Applicable modules: SFP, SFP+;
  • Number of ports: 32/64;
  • Extension to 2x100G Ethernet / 20x10G Ethernet (up to 84x10G), the ability to connect up to 16x40G Ethernet;
  • Jointly working functionality: aggregation, switching and filtering;
  • Traffic balancing algorithms: 2 TUPLE HASH,4 TUPLE HASH,5 TUPLE HASH,ROUND ROBIN;
  • Filter criteria (range): MAC-address, IP-address, Network mask, TCP/UDP port, VLAN, QinQ, VnTAG, MPLS, any selected header field;
  • Transparent aggregation of channels "any in any" with the function of balancing and filtering;
  • Independence of RX / TX operation within one SFP / SFP + module: the ability to receive incoming traffic and return to the same output traffic module;
  • Special aggregation technology on the outgoing port up to 9.8 Gbit / s traffic;
  • Network stack support of any complexity.

Brief Specification:

Ethernet standard 1G/10GIEEE 802.3ab,802.3z, 802.3ae
Ethernet standard 40G/100G802.3ba
Standard Plug-in modules SFP, SFP+, CFP2+CFP4
Number of Ethernet ports: 1 / 10G32/64
Optional connectivity of 40G and 100G Ethernet interfaces
Power Consumption100-200W
Power redundantAC: 220V/50Hz DC: 48V
Device managementETH/SSH/WEB
Form Factor1RU

Power сompactness and stability:

  • Dimensions (H×D×W), mm: 45 × 535 × 440;
  • Humidity: 20% ~ 80% (without condensation);
  • Guaranteed bandwidth of at least 640 Gb / s in 1RU (or 1280 Gb / s half duplex);
  • Channel non-blocking processing of data without the involvement of HDDs, CPUs and OS.

 The flexibility:

  • Flexible re-configurable product, possibility to buy the new modes of the product without having to replace hardware;
  • Software updating in the form of firmware.

 Fields of application:

  •  total number of L2/L3/L4 filters — up to 16384;
  • simultaneous non-blocking duplication and filtration of each incoming port to any outgoing ports;
  • possibility of binding of several rules of filtration by OR-NOT logical rules;
  • possibility of selection by IP/PORT pairs, including subnet masks, the mode of two-way (BIDIR) filtration;
  • parsing of the tunnelled and fragmented traffic.

3. Statistics gathering server from the service provider’s network (the bandwidth graphics, the double graphics, the narrow places of network), 1RU.

Advantages of the "Vitok-Aggregator":

  • High performance and maximum scalability;
  • Economic efficiency and price availability of the solution;
  • Development of non-standard configurations depending on the requirements of the Customer;
  • The possibility of fine-tuning on the territory of the Customer.