"Vitok-NAT" is a specialized LAN switch, organizing probe points and anti-NAT solution for realization of LI functions on small data transmission nodes.

The product is applied as a part of LI solutions in the following cases:

  • Telecom operator’s equipment does not allow to obtain information on broadcasts of users network addresses by standard means (Netflow/Syslog);
  • It is impossible (or demands reorganization of a network) to divide users network traffic with initial (not routed) addresses, broadcasted IP addresses and separate traffic delivery on the LI equipment.

The product provides data relaying from internal and external traffic of 1 Gbit copper without delay and loss due to hardware processing. Traffic is copied from the channel with an internal traffic on the allocated ports for the organization of an LI probe point.

Technical characteristics:

  • Number of 1G ports before NAT - up to 3;
  • Maximum power consumption - 40 W;
  • Number of 1G ports after NAT - up to 3;
  • Power supply - 220V;
  • Weight  - 5 kg.;
  • Form-factor - 1RU;
  • Device control - Web interface.


  • Compatibility with all NAT types of the equipment;
  • Bandwidth on channel speed of 1 Gb or 100 megabits of 1.48 million packages without delays;
  • Work in a duplex mode on each channel;
  • Transparent inclusion in a telecom operator’s network: lack of MAC or IP address of the device, no packages modification and impossibility of revelation by users;
  • Steady work for all Ethernet traffic types and network protocols (including network attacks to refusal in DDOS-service);
  • Channel non-blocking data processing without hard drives, processors and OS;
  • Does not demand replacement of the existing telecom operator’s equipment for LI realization;
  • Does not demand works on replacement of the operator’s NAT equipment with more intellectual one;
  • Simplification of LI probe point creation;
  • Realization of data collection problem of network addresses broadcast for LI systems without additional allocation by an operator of a traffic after NAT and its delivery to LI equipment.

Connection scheme: