2U 24SFF basic chassis

Purpose and application:

  • Tasks requiring high performance data access;
  • Storage nodes for Ceph;
  • Application servers;
  • Database servers (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.);

Motherboard – any, EATX form-factor compatible. Server chassis shipped without motherboard, disks and expansion cards.

Power supply and power reserve:

  • The server comes with a 1200 – 1600 W power supply according to the 1+1 scheme;
  • The use of a powerful unit provides guaranteed power at maximum load: when installing 24 SSD drives and all peripheral boards;
  • The server is equipped with a 220V or 48V power supply at the request of the Customer.

Ease of maintenance and operation:

  • Installation in typical 19′ cabinets (800mm);
  • The server can be installed in standard cabinets 800mm deep, taking into account external cable assemblies;
  • Cable guide, cable fasteners on power supplies;
  • There is no need to pull out the drive shelves to replace a drive, each drive is accessible independently from the front panel;