1U 4LFF basic chassis

Purpose and application:

  • Data processing systems and DBMS;
  • Data storage;
  • Placement of network databases;

Motherboard – any, microATX form-factor compatible. Server chassis shipped without motherboard, disks and expansion cards.

Mixed SAS and SSD disk subsystem configurations:

The customer can independently choose the capacity and number of 3’5 hard drives and SSDs.

Power supply:

  • The server comes with a 300W power supply in a 1+1 configuration;
  • The server is equipped with a 220V or 48V power supply at the request of the Customer;

Ease of maintenance and operation:

  • Installation in typical 19′ cabinets from 600mm;
  • Installation in wall cabinets to ensure operation in unprepared rooms;
  • Cable guide, cable fasteners on power supplies;
  • Exclusion of access to disks, locks and tampering sensors;