Server systems and telecom chassis development and production

BI systems

Data processing, and information resource management

Servers and intelligent packet switching

Intelligent packet / data flow switching 64x10G nanoSwitch

PCB design

Development and production of basic SAS/SATA PCBs
for traffic switching servers.


We provide contract development services for metal cases for
telecommunications equipment produced in our own production.


We specialize in the development and production of server chassis for network services and data storage, communication equipment, telecom chassis enclosures.



Experienced specialists

Equipment will be installed and configured by skilled professionals in the shortest possible time

Licensed services

Our software and hardware systems have all necessary certificates and licenses

High quality equipment

Only the best domestic and foreign equipment items, as well as own developments

Unique developments

The Company manufactures products utilizing own software developments

Support services

The Company provides comprehensive and continuous support for products installed at Customers' facilities

Quality management

Quality management for a full range of construction and installation services on communication sites

February 2, 2021 Off

Completed contract development of the base case for servers for switching network traffic

Available for testing is a network traffic switching server chassis with a basic set of printed circuit boards

July 2, 2020 Off

Introduction of serial quality control of all manufactured switching devices

The company is pleased to announce the completion of the introduction of full output control of all products with round-the-clock...