16th Annual RANS Conference “Ensuring Confidence and Security in the Use of ICT”

April 4, 2018 Off

NORSI-TRANS participated in the XVI annual conference “Ensuring Confidence and Security in the Use of ICT”, which was held on March 28-29, 2018 in Moscow.

The event enabled participants to meet industry leaders and organizations and discuss strategies for improving the regulatory and legal framework, and get information on projects implemented and planned in this area.

NORSI-TRANS has been a member of the Russian Association for Networks and Services since 2009 and an active participant in the annual conferences. NORSI-TRANS experts made the following presentations:

  • Domestic servers receiving, processing and storing information: from No. 374 to civilian applications;
  • Equipment for implementation of No. 374 (the federal law) and technology;
  • Ensuring enterprise information security based on NORSI-TRANS solutions;
  • Ensuring uninterrupted hosting 24×7 using NORSI-TRANS Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System with DDOS attacks filtering as an example.

More information about the event on the organizer’s website.