NORSI-TRANS tested and launched own brand equipment to implement the Yarovaya law

February 15, 2019 Off

In March 2018, NORSI-TRANS along with FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) representatives completed testing of No. 374-FZ implementation systems at the federal nodes, including implementation of recording and storage of connection contents based on the Yakhont Universal Server line.

Supported by I.S.Bruk Institute of Electronic Control Computers (Rostec Concern Avtomatika), adapting own storage software for the Elbrus hardware and software platform, NORSI-TRANS achieved performance specifications for recording information and retrieving recorded content, similar to those achieved on foreign hardware and software platform x86-64. Based on the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 455 of April 12, 2017, and depending on the required volume of technical means of information storage, the equipment models to be used are as follows: - Yakhont Universal Server E12; - Yakhont Universal Server E24; - Yakhont Universal Server E124.

Yakhont Universal Server E12

  • up to 12x14 Tb hot-swap HDD
  • 2x10 / 40 / 56G / 4x1G
  • 2U, 500 W (220V / 48V)
  • 1 or 2 CPU Elbrus-8C/V

Yakhont Universal Server E24

  • up to 24x14 Tb hot-swap HDD
  • 2x10 / 40 / 56G / 4x1G
  • 2U, 650 W (220V / 48V)
  • 1 or 2 CPU Elbrus-8C/V

Yakhont Universal Server E124.

  • up to 124x14 Tb HDD
  • 2x10 / 40 / 56G / 4x1G
  • 5U, 2160 W (220V / 48V)
  • 1 or 2 CPU Elbrus-8C/V
NORSI-TRANS designed and developed cases, power management boards, displays, SAS / SATA backplanes, expansion circuit boards (rotators), switching circuit of interface lines, power supply, heat sink and vibration reduction. All models are designed considering the requirements of Russian Federal Security Service, provided in the Orders of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media No. 86 of February 26, 2018, No. 573 of October 29, 2018 - opening sensors, locks, protection against unauthorized access to interface ports, etc. The developed and tested storage equipment models fully comply with the requirements of the orders of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media No. 561 of October 29, 2018 for the implementation of storage systems for information dissemination manager (ORI). In cooperation with JSC INEUM (I.S.Bruk Institute of Electronic Control Computers), NORSI-TRANS launched series production in the Russian Federation, including:
  • Case production;
  • PCB production and surface mounting;
  • Software and Firmware production and installation;
  • Assembly, quality control.
As a result, software and hardware systems (servers) of data storage and processing are based on the domestic Elbrus hardware and software platform. The resulting models on 2U 24x3.5’ HDD can be compared to world analogues: very few manufacturers offer similar equipment. Compared with extra high-density of HDD per space ratio offered by Hitachi (102 HDD chassis without a control server), NORSI-TRANS launched a server with Elbrus processors inside and a disk shelf for 124 HDD, thus significantly increasing technological upgrading. The first Yakhont Universal Server models appeared in 2017, when Yakhont Universal Server E12 models were created. The design process demanded progressive growth and constant increase of complexity, thus the 2U 12 HDD model was developed first, supporting up to 2 processors, 220/48 V power supply units, enabling equipment installation in telecommunications premises without additional inverters and small-capacity power supply unit not compromising cooling capabilities. Yakhont Universal Server E24 model was as a turning point: 2U 24 HDD 3.5 ’ with challenges of heat sink and design of the lifting mechanism preventing the interface cables from rubbing, hot swapping, etc. The model appeared in January 2018 Since the beginning of 2018, NORSI-TRANS teams have been working on super high density and designed Yakhont Universal Server E124 for 124LFF HDD. In total, over 30 layout options were reviewed during the design based on the advanced experience of foreign companies in creating high-density equipment. The model appeared in October 2018. The entire model range was mastered and launched. Mass production equipment enables: - implementation of the “Yarovaya Law” as technical means for accumulating information; - implementation of the Digital Economy Program event; - modernization and improvement of federal state information systems, and in a wide range of applied tasks. Operating systems to be used are as follows: OS Elbrus (standard equipment), OS Astra Linux release Leningrad, OS Alt Linux, which are registered as domestic software in the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media. During 2018, NORSI-TRANS implemented equipment certification:
  • in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation of December 6, 2007, No. 144 (“On Approval of Rules for the Application of Switching Equipment and Routing Information Packets”;
  • in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR TS 004/2011 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment”, TR TS 020/2011 “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment”.
The completed certification enables using equipment as part of commercial, departmental storage and information processing systems and as part of telecommunication equipment of communication networks. Thus, a new page was opened in the Russian computer technology, making possible implementation of data storage and processing systems on the domestic hardware and software platform. About the Companies: NORSI-TRANS is one of the leading Russian companies in the market of development and implementation of informational analytical systems. Since 1996, we offer the best hardware and software solutions in the field of information security, lawful interception, network monitoring, analytical systems and platforms for business intelligence.

The Company focuses on:

  • Full range of SORM solutions and lawful interception systems (SORM 1, SORM 2, SORM 3, No. 374-FZ (“Yarovaya package”), SORM ORI);
  • Corporate Information Security Systems;
  • DDoS protection solutions;
  • Solutions on restricting access to domain names, website pages and Internet addresses;
  • Analytical systems and platforms;
  • Business intelligence solutions;
  • Hardware and software systems for high-speed storage and analytical data processing;
  • Hardware solutions for network monitoring and management;
  • Comprehensive solutions for network protection and analysis;
  • Network attack protection systems for Data Centers;
  • Client Focused Software Development.
I.S.Bruk Institute of Electronic Control Computers is a leading organization in research, development, implementation and subsequent commercialization of domestic microprocessors, computing units, reliable high-performance computing systems and control systems, data-processing networks and process management tools that ensure a high level of technological independence and information security.