NORSI-TRANS activity in national and international standardization organizations

One of the strategic priorities of NORSI-TRANS is standardization in the national and international organizations.

Since 2009 NORSI-TRANS is the member of the public and governmental organization “Russian Association for Networks and Services” ( “Russian Association for Networks and Services” is a joint organization of the leading computer and telecommunication companies working closely with government organizations, engaged in development and assessment of the bills, standards, etc. In 2000, the organization got the status of the public and governmental association. NORSI-TRANS is actively engaged in the work of RANS, the company provides assistance and advice in formation of the legal framework for infocommunication development in Russia.

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI – is a not-for-profit organization focusing on the standardization of the information and telecommunication technologies in Europe and their promotion on the international market. Since 2010 our company is one of the ETSI observers that gives NORSI-TRANS the opportunity of participation in standards development in one of the main ETSI standardization departments specializing in fixed networks and their convergence with IP data networks. In 2015 the company has advanced to the status of a full member of ETSI.