"Yakhont" – a hardware and software complex to access information about subscribers and communication services rendered to them pursuant to the Government of the Russian Federation Resolution №538 dated August 27, 2005.

Application area:

Designed for fulfillment of requirements of the Government of the Russian Federation Resolution №538 by communication operators providing the following types of communication services (according to the list of communication services entered into licenses pursuant to the Government of the Russian Federation Resolution №87):

  • Telematic communication services;
  • Assignment services;
  • Data transfer services, excluding voice data transfer;
  • Voice transfer services in data transfer network.

"Yakhont" system ensures fulfillment of requirements of the Government of the Russian Federation Resolution №538 including those applying to the following operators of data transfer networks:

  • Internet service provides providing access through modem technologies, allocated communication lines;
  • Operators passed the FMC stage and being in the process of migration to NGN providing services of several types of communication based on IP transport medium;
  • 2G+ mobile GSM networks ensuring data transfer via GPRS/EDGE technologies;
  • UMTS/3G mobile operators as related to data transfer;
  • Wireless broadband WiFi, WiMAX network operators;
  • Operators providing voice communication services based on VoIP technologies;
  • Telematic services and web hosting operators;
  • Other Internet service providers.

The complex consists of:

  • Passive devices for collecting data on provided services, connections and traffic of subscribers;
  • Special data storage for accumulation and processing of large volumes of statistics  "Yakhont-SHD";
  • Diagnostic subsystem;
  • Control subsystem;
  • Remote workstation.

In case of interaction with the Control Panel the complex ensures:

  • Possibility to connect to the complex up to 100 simultaneously operating Control Panels;
  • Distribution of tasks processed in the complex by each Control Panel;
  • Possibility to filter access by territory.

Data collection, accumulation and storage

Complex data storage has the following properties:

As related to new information loading:

  • Speed of statistics uploading into the storage with simultaneous indexing – up to 1.16 Gbit/s, i.e. up to 4 TB per hour;
  • Possibility of additional data processing during uploading – processing in accordance with classifiers and reference tables;
  • Loading of information from various data sources;

As related to data accumulation:

  • Data accumulation volume – up to several petabytes;
  • Modular design of the storage ensures unlimited scalability through connection of standard data storage devices;
As related to search queries processing:
  • Simultaneous execution of queries with uninterrupted flow of new loaded information;
  • Execution of composite queries with logical operations.

Devices for collection of data on provided communication services have the following properties:

  • Interfaces for connecting to a data transfer network – 10G Ethernet;
  • Speed of data stream processing by one device during retrieval of records about connections – 10G, 20G, 40G, possibility to stack the devices with processing of the stream up to 160G;
  • Number of points of connection to a data transfer network – unlimited;
  • Retrieval of records about connections of provided communication services – in real time.

The complex ensures data collection, recording, accumulation, assignment and fulfillment of search tasks related to:

  • Connections (CDR/IPDR) of the following types, including aborted;
  • Connections of subscriber’s connection to/disconnection from a communication network (AAA);
  • Mail connections;
  • Instant electronic messaging connections between users;
  • File data transfer connections;
  • Connections of HTTP addressing to the communication network information resource;
  • Connections of voice communications via data transfer network;
  • Connections of terminal access to equipment;
  • Other data transfer connections;
  • Information about communication operator subscribers, including search for information directly in communication operator’s own information systems;
  • Information about executed payments, including search for information directly in communication operator’s own information systems.

Main capabilities: 

  • Recording the information about communication services and their users to the storage;
  • 24-hour automated multiuser remote access to the complex database from the side of competent authorities’ Control Panel;
  • Support of completion of tasks related to collection, accumulation and search for specific data in the accumulated information;
  • Capabilities to set the content of collected information about communication services provided to subscribers and their connections;
  • Possibility to accumulate data on regional branches of one communication operator with shared access to information for Control Panels.

Criteria-based search of accumulated data

The complex allows setting data search criteria for each type of search tasks:

  • As a set of criteria for subscribers A and B engaged in connection (CDR/IPDR);
  • As a list of values of operator-selected search criterion type;
  • As a composite statement with logical operations and combination of search criteria;
  • Possibility to set a criterion with mask search.
The complex additionally enables to create typical templates of search tasks on the basis of generated composite statements (search criteria, logical operations, grouping operations).

Task execution results display and processing:

  • Display of the results of selected information after its transfer to the Control Panel;
  • Isolation of necessary data from overall result;
  • Preparation and compilation of reports and summaries.

Design organization and technical solutions for complex implementation

Design solutions for implementation of the complex include methods for examination of operator’s network and own information resources, such as:

  • Examination of the diagram of organization of communication network, channeling equipment, their interfaces, methods of provision of services to subscribers;
  • Eexamination of automated billing systems of an operator;
  • Analysis of communication network construction and development technical policy;
  • Analysis of operator’s plan of development and expansion of the types of provided services;
  • Analysis of own information and entertainment and content services.

Respective design organization and technical solutions are formalized as The Set of Methods for Inspection of Data Transfer Network Operator for Development of Proposals on Technical Solutions for Fulfillment of Requirements of Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation №538 dated August 27, 2005. Typical Design Solution for Communication Operator Inspection, which also includes the format and content of the required information obtained after completion of the inspection. A communication operator may independently collect and organize information using these methods without involving the developer.

Brochure "Yakhont" (pdf)