"Yakhont-TLF" is a OIA IS DB (Operative Investigative Activities Information System Data Base) developed according to the Resolution №538 of the Government of the Russian Federation from August 27, 2005 "On approval of the Rules of Interaction of Communication Operators with Authorized Government Agencies conducting operative-investigative activities" and corresponding to "Rules of application of information systems hardware and software, containing databases of telecom operator’s subscribers and communication services, providing performance of the established actions" when carrying out operative-investigative activities" in terms of licenses for services":

  • Telecommunication with the use of payphones and means of collective access;
  • Long distance and international telecommunication;
  • Telecommunication in the allocated communication network;
  • Intra-zone telecommunication;
  • Local telecommunication with the use of payphones;
  • Local telecommunication with the use of means of collective access;
  • Mobile radio communication in a public communication network;
  • Mobile radio communication in a allocated communication network;
  • Mobile radiotelephone communication in a public communication network;
  • Mobile satellite radio communication.


  • Full compliance to functional and speed requirements to information processing according to “Rules of application of information systems hardware and software, containing databases of telecom operator’s subscribers and communication services, providing performance of the established actions” including:
  1. availability of data on connections for search – no later than 5 minutes from the moment of coming into the system regardless of the amount of incoming data;
  2. providing functions of control and diagnostics of system on the channel of monitoring (dtc3);
  • Connection to 100 MC with processing of task priorities according to requirements of Rules, division of access to the saved-up information for connected users;
  • Data processing, coming from different operator's branches in one system with providing access to MC;
  • Realization of the TCP/IP ASN.1 protocol of connection to the control panel (channels dtc1, dtc2, dtc3, according to Rules), providing connection to all official monitoring centers;
  • Highly effective compression of the accumulated CDR data providing savings on the acquired storage equipment;
  • "Desktop" solution for a small communication center, rack-mount option.

Obtaining data on connections, payments, activated services, reference data:

Data on connections of subscribers in a telephone network, change of location, is gathered by the system from:

  • CDR files from the switching equipment in the initial formats, formed by the equipment;
  • An alarm network traffic by STM/E1/SIGTRAN/Abis probe devices without an opportunity to provide necessary types of information by means of the operator’s network equipment.

Connection to the operator’s network and information resources of OIA IS DB "Yakhont-TLF" does not demand change of topology of a network and technological channels of a communication network. Data on subscribers, payments, activated services, reference data and also changes in it are accepted in the form of CSV-uploadings from operator’s OSS/BSS.

Complex scheme:

Complex components:

  • Device (software) of CDR files decoding;
  • Optional passive Probe Devices of a signaling traffic and allocation of statistical information on cancelled calls and data on location change;
  • Special data storage for accumulation and processing of large volumes of statistical data "Yakhont-SHD";
  • Data base of subscribers and the activated services;
  • Reference data base;
  • Diagnostic subsystem including an optional workplace for a duty engineer technician of the telecom operator for diagnostics of failures of channel-forming equipment on MC, channels of data update transfer to a system, etc.;
  • Subsystem of interaction with MC 538 realizing ASN.1 protocol according to the Rules of application.

Complete set:

Variants of Yakhont-TLF-HH, where XX – thousands of connections and CDR records/days coming to the system.

  • type 1: Yakhont-TLF-0.01/Yakhont-TLF-0.1/Yakhont-TLF-0.5/Yakhont-TLF-0.8;
  • type 2: Yakhont-TLF-1/Yakhont-TLF-2/Yakhont-TLF-3/Yakhont-TLF-4/Yakhont-TLF-5;
  • type 3: Yakhont-TLF-10/Yakhont-TLF-15/Yakhont-TLF-20/Yakhont-TLF-25/Yakhont-TLF-50;
  • type 4: Yakhont-TLF-100/Yakhont-TLF-200/Yakhont-TLF-400/Yakhont-TLF-700/Yakhont-TLF-1000/Yakhont-TLF-2000/Yakhont-TLF-5000.

Brochure "Yakhont-TLF" (pdf)