"Yakhont-SHD" -  a software and hardware complex for high-performance upload and accumulation of CDR/IPDR data arrays, and for their processing.

Application Area:

The complex is designed for accumulation, long-term storage and high-speed processing of CDR/IPDR data and execution of search queries:

  • Fast upload of large volumes of billing data (connections and messages statistics) with possibility to complete search and analysis tasks;
  • Processing of the information generated in a live stream by external data collection complexes and systems.

Basic composition of the storage hardware components includes:

  • Coordinator (control unit);
  • Data processing and storage units;
  • Subsystem for data preparation and distribution between processing and storage units;
  • Communication infrastructure.


  • Real-time upload of large data volumes (terabytes of information per day);
  • Support of various information sources (file storages, external data bases and banks, stream data etc.);
  • Additional real-time processing of the information fed to the complex input (normalization and treatment) by user-set criteria;
  • User tools for setting the content of loaded original information, content and structure of the information accumulated in the complex;
  • Execution of user’s search and analysis queries with respect to the accumulated information (SQL queries);
  • A set of application interfaces (API) allowing the complex to be connected to other systems;
  • Possibility to connect "Vitok-3X" software analysis complex for data processing.

Structural design:

  • Server and switching equipment for installation in 19U rack;
  • One or several (depending on the configuration parameters selected) installation 19U racks;
  • Automated workstation to control and manage the complex operation (AWS equipment).

Technical characteristics:

  • COTS 1U/2U servers are used as coordinators, data processing and storage units, and intelligent data preparation and distribution unit;
  • Standard optical and LAN switches used for building the complex communication infrastructure;
  • Linear scaling of performance (number of records saved per hour, total storage capacity) when adding new processing and storage units;
  • Support of petabyte storage volumes.

Configuration options and Characteristics of Storages

Exemplary "Yakhont-SHD" configurations for telephonic CDR processing:

Number of CDR phone connections loaded, mln/hour5001 0005 000
Volume of loaded original phone connection information, TB/hour, at simultaneous execution of search queries0,390,781,3
User data, TB22,54575
Processing of one object request per day, sec222

Exemplary "Yakhont-SHD" configurations for IPDR data processing

Size of active subscriber base per day, ths of subscribers30010002000
Number of loaded IPDR data connections, mln/hour80250500
Volume of loaded original data connection information, TB/hour, at simultaneous execution of search queries0,81,341,88
User data, TB22,537,560
Processing of one object request per day, sec51010

Storage configuration selection parameters:

  • Number of records loaded by the complex per hour;
  • Average size of one record data;
  • Data accumulation time (day).

The complex supports hierarchic data storage organization and, depending on the age of the information being accumulated, ensures automatic background replication of data to pluggable external storages.

Brochure "Yakhont-SHD" (pdf)