"Yakhont-MC" - interaction with OSS/BSS of communication networks and data transmission networks operators. "Yakhont-MC" provides connection and access to data, accumulated in IS databases, data receiving on demand, diagnostics of all technology operations on preparation of tasks.


1. Access to data on subscribers’ telephone connections, accumulated in the Information System;

2. Access to data on subscribers’ connections in data transmission networks, accumulated in the Information System, including:

  • Network connections/disconnections (accounting);
  • HTTP-connections;
  • VoIP-connections;
  • Mail transfer connections;
  • IM-message transfer connections;
  • FTP-connections;
  • Other (non-decoded) connections;
  • Network Address Translation (NAT);

3. Receiving data on subscriber’s identifiers (family address data, names of organizations, etc.); 4. Receiving data on subsriber’s technical identifiers.

The following search criteria can be set:

  • Technical identifiers of a telephone communication network: MSISDN, subscriber’s IMSI, identifier of the telephone set, base station LAC/Cell ID;
  • Technical identifiers of a data transmission network: IP address/port, Internet resource URL, etc.;
  • Applied identifiers of data transmission network users: e-mail address, VoIP-number, user login, IM ID, etc.;
  • Criteria input with search for full coincidence and for masking symbols "?", "*";
  • Data exchange protocol in data transmission network (SMTP/POP3/IMAP/H.323/SIP/IAX/ICQ/Jabber/Mail.ru Agent and others);
  • Other, according to IS connectivity interface;
  • Criteria logical combinations, united by logical operations "AND", "OR", "NOT", group of criteria and operations;
  • Single-type lists of criteria with a possibility of combining when using logical "OR", logical "AND".

Technical characteristics:

  • Connected systems - no less than 100;
  • Processed tasks per day - no less than 30 000;
  • Management of load on low-speed systems, depending on a class of task complexity;
  • Diagnostics of a course of each task execution;
  • Possibility of record of the decoded traffic on each IS task with identification of errors;
  • Display of received uploads with technical data from IS;
  • Data uploading to reports;
  • Formation of technology query templates on IS data search.

Technological system of control and management of connected systems functioning provides:

  • Diagnostics of each task execution;
  • Control of the state of connection;
  • Diagnostics and control of the state of each connected IS, including state of CPU, RAM, hard disks, internal network connections;
  • Other parameters required for the system state analysis in general.

Brochure "Yakhont-MC" (pdf)