• Functionality:

    • Passive monitoring of the ether in all stadard frequency bands of wireless  networks;
    • Support of several receivers with the function of band switching;
    • Automatic compilation of access points list and stations/object surveillance;
    • Collection of network traffic and its analysis using Deep Packet Inspection technologies;
    • Automatic decoding of encrypted traffic when the key is known;
    • The possibility to maintain list of selected stations for surveillance;
    • Making the filing cabinet of suspect stations;
    • Interaction of 3rd vendor's identical solutions;
    • User friendly GUI with the function of offline working.

    Built-in notebook version:

    • Weight of the built-in Wi-Fi receiver is 2.8 kg.;
    • Capacity of the built-in hard disk drive is 320 GB;
    • Dimensions, H/W/D is 380/35/250 mm.

     Built-in netbook version:

    • Weight of the built-in Wi-Fi receiver is 1.2 kg.;
    • Capacity of the built-in hard disk drive is 320 Gb;
    • Dimension, H/W/D is 270/40/180 mm.

 Technical characteristics:

  • The number of supported Wi-Fi adapters: 1..16;
  • Supported transmission standards: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n;
  • An option of connection and disconnection of the Wi-Fi adapters during the work of the complex;
  • Automatic channels switch with manual tuning option;
  • The maximum number of detected access points and stations: unlimited;
  • Automatic detection of the connection type: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2;
  • Cryptographic algorithms support: RC4, TKIP, CCMP, AES;
  • Automatic packet decoding: EAP, WEP, WPA, WPA2;
  • The maximum size of list of selected stations: defined by free disk space;
  • Passive takeoff of the traffic;
  • OS: GNU/Linux;
  • Design versions: mobile;
  • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery or 220V AC power;
  • The ability to generate traffic;
  • Management and automatic replenishmant of decoding keys dictionaries.

Brochure "Vitok-WiFi" (pdf)