Vitok SMS Antifraud

"Vitok SMS Antifraud" is a hardware software system that analyzes signaling traffic in mobile operator networks in real time and prevents SMS fraud.

"Vitok SMS Antifraud" identifies various types of fraud and reveals a surge in virus activity.

The system registers SMS messages transmitted over MAP/RANAP protocol between Core Networks elements (MSC/SGSN/UTRAN) in GSM/CDMA networks and creates a database to be processed by the administrator of "Vitok SMS Antifraud".

"Vitok SMS Antifraud" working modes:

1. passive traffic monitoring mode

  • no impact on communication services
  • informing users of possible fraudulent SMS

2. active mode

  • SMS blocking

Using built-in analytical tools, the administrator evaluates various traffic parameters specifying fraudulent or suspicious SMS sending.