Vitok-L2: Protected LAN

10G switches on integrated circuits designed by NORSI-TRANS.

Basic functions:

  • Up to 64 Ethernet of SFP+ ports;
  • 4x100G/8x40G trunk ports for stacking;
  • Core bandwidth — 1 Tbit/s;
  • Support of Jumbo-frames;
  • Support of VLAN, QoS, ACL, IGMP, Etherchannel;
  • Filtering by port, IP, source MAC address;
  • Mirroring of ports and VLAN, RSPAN;
  • Support of STP/RSTP and MSTP;
  • DHCP support;
  • Control and monitoring of SNMP;
  • 65K table of MAC addresses.

Special features:

  • Support for station authorizing access to the IEEE 802.1X network;
  • Built-in NetFlow and EthFlow sensors for continuous security monitoring;
  • Functions of centralized management of the network NT-Network Manager (NTNM);
  • Implementing policies, filtering and blocking rules throughout LAN;
  • VLAN bandswidth limitation;
  • Connection to security monitoring and auditing systems — KROZ;
  • Background detection and blocking of malicious activity.

NORSI-TRANS switches enable easy step-by-step upgrade of classic LAN to secure analogs, meeting Customer's functional and economic requirements. The company provides assistance in implementation, staff training, and 24-hour technical support.

FSTEC certificate for devices transmitting information for official use only.