"Vitok-FW4" is a leading Russian development in the field of network traffic filtration. The device is intended for filtration of the traffic on the network level in the 10G-40G-100G networks.

"Vitok-FW4" has the Certificate of Conformity of FSTEC of Russia, as well as corresponds to the "Systems of certification of information security solutions for information security requirements № ROSS RU.0001.01BIOO".

The verification of functionality of "Vitok-FW4", intended for protection against unauthorized access to information, that was conducted during certification tests, confirmed its compliance with requirements of the guidance document «Means of computer engineering. Firewalls. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Indicators of protection against unauthorized access to information» (State Technical Commission of Russia, 1997) for the 4th class of security.


  • 12/24 10G/1G Ethernet port management, 40G and 100G expansion;
  • Filtering at the network level. Decision on filtering can be taken independently for each network packet based on the basis of network addresses of the sender and the recipient, or through other equivalent attributes;
  • Filtering of official protocol packets used for diagnostics and management of network devices;
  • Filtering considering the input and output of the network interface as the means of authentication of network addresses;
  • Filtering based on any relevant fields of network packets.

 Registration and record of the filtered packets

"Vitok-FW4" provides logging of the sessions of administrative access to the firewall indicating:

  • Time and date of administrative access;
  • The result of the attempt of administrative access - successful or not successful;
  • Usernames used in the attempt of the administrative access;
  • The possibility of registration and recording of filtered packets with indication of the address, time and filtering result.

Brief specification:

  • Ethernet 10G standard:  802.3ae;
  • Ethernet 40G/100G standard: 802.3ba;
  • Plug-in module standard: SFP+;
  • Number of 10G Ethernet ports: 12/24;
  • Power consumption: 100-200W;
  • Redundant power supply: 220V 50Hz;
  • Device control: WEB/HTTPS;
  • Form-factor: 1RU.

Optional 40G and 100G Ethernet interface connection.

 Energy efficiency, compactness and stability

  • 1RU consumption to 200W;
  • Guaranteed bandwidth of more than 480 Gb/s in 1RU;
  • Channel data processing without hard disks, processors and OS.

"Vitok-FW4" fulfils the functions to ensure the integrity of software configurations of firewall and data stored in RAM as well is in flash-memory, also guarantees the procedure of recovery from equipment failures, providing recovery of hardware and software solution properties.

Technical characteristics

  • The maximum bandwidth, Gb/s: 480;
  • Number of parallel sessions: unlimited;
  • Number of table filtering rules - for a device: up to 3072;
  • Number of table filtering rules - for an: up to 256;
  • Built-in input/output ports: 12 ports of 1GbE/10GbE (SFP+);
  • Additional input/output ports: 12 ports of 1GbE/10GbE (SFP+);
  • Built-in control ports: 2 ports of 10/100/1000MbE UTP;
  • Number of VLAN set by the device: no more than 64;
  • Scalability;
  • Redundant power supply.