«Vitok-Defragmentator» is a hardware and software solution designed for installation in the complex of Internet traffic monitoring and analyzing. Vitok-Defragmentator is developed with the regard for the specifics of IP/VLAN/MPLS/3G/LTE networks and is used for the following purposes:

  • Complete removal of IP-fragmentation or tunneling from Internet traffic before its analysis;
  • Line balancing of IP-fragmented or tunneled Internet traffic over multiple interfaces with maintaining of the original content of IP-packets.

Number and type of processed channels:

  • Model DF-1: 10x1G Ethernet;
  • Model DF-10: 1x10G Ethernet;
  • Model DF-40: 4x10G Ethernet;
  • Model DF-80: 8x10G Ethernet.


  • Supported formats of exported traffic: Ethernet or TCP-tunneling to the traffic analyzer complex;
  • Aggregated channels and distributed routing channels support;
  • Form-factor: 1RU;
  • Supported encapsulations: VLAN, MPLS;
  • Supported tunneling protocols: GTP, GRE, PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE;
  • Maximum response time of input-output (from the last IP-fragment): 1 ms;
  • Power supply redundancy: 220V 50Hz;
  • Power Consumption: 250W;
  • Available balancing modes: 2-TUPLE (srcIP — dstIP), 3-TUPLE (srcIP — dstIPproto), 5-TUPLE (srcIP – dstIP – srcPORT — dstPORTproto) of external or tunneled IP/TCP/UDP-headers, MAC, VLAN, MPLS , IP packet id;
  • Up to 8 outputs 10G/1G Ethernet or up to 24 outputs 10G Ethernet with the possibility of the additional module 1RU connection.

«Vitok-Defragmentator» can be equipped with the tools of stacking and clustering to solve the problems of high complexity.

Connection Scheme: