“Vitok-CLUSTER” is a NoSQL database intended for specialized processing of the information coming from high-speed communication channels.

Area of application:

The Data System Storage can be used for building systems accomplishing tasks related to Big Data. The Data System Storage structure allows to accumulate information on subscribers calls, bank transactions, transport services, etc.

  • During information processing additional tools of advance information processing are used for optimization of storage and later use of information.
  • During information loading it is possible to make additional statistical computations, clearance, revelation of information on criteria, division of information into time intervals, etc.
  • Preprocessed information is set in separate data structures.

High performance loading and processing

One of the important aspects of information loading is the speed of information loading to a Data System Storage. In the present, we can handle a stream of up to 1 Gb/s.

Information storage technology

Two basic types of accumulation of information are applied to the Data System Storage:

  • Cluster technology;
  • Graph database.


The Data System Storage allows to resolve almost any types of the problems in which processing of all the accumulated volume of information is required. It is possible to replenish a list of the tasks being solved with the help of an embedded SDK.


The cluster allows to make flexible scaling of coordinator servers, as well as of nodes of clusters.

The equipment used:

  • The use of an optional type of Data System Storage of any brands is possible during the construction of this scheme. Existing redundancy allows to use inexpensive equipment, the breakdown of which is only slowing down the cluster work, but does not lead to the cessation of the operation.
  • Technologies based on data transfer on optics are applied for organization of network infrastructure. Reduction of the network infrastructure price is possible by transition to a copper twisted pair (CAT 6E) allowing to carry out data transfer at the speed of up to 10 Gb/s.

Brochure “Vitok-CLUSTER” (pdf)