"Vitok-CDR" - processing system with the set of modules of CDR (Call Detail Record) files decoding.

Area of application

The complex can be applied for automation of file operations such as copying, stream compression and decompression, processing through the script, processing through the specialized processing units.

Due to the set of modules of CDR files conversion in the standardized format, the complex can be used as the means of preparation of the binary data received from the communications network equipment for loading into the analytic processing complex.

File processing

The following file operations are supported:
  • Multi-level search of files on a file resource with the possibility of filtration;
  • Stream reading of the source file;
  • Stream recording of one or more resulting files;
  • Performing operations on the source file and resulting files after processing.
The following steps can be carried out on the files after processing:
  • Deletion of a file and directories containing the file;
  • Moving or renaming a file within one file system;
  • Creating hard and symbolic links to the local file system.
The complex supports the following types of file transfer protocols:
  • FTP (active and passive mode, a variety of options of the FTP protocol, SSL encoding )
  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol);
  • Local file system;
  • Other file systems supported by Debian Linux OS: SAMBA, NFS and others.
The following additional means of providing work are supported:
  • Maintaining a database of file names to prevent re-processing files, filtering files processed with an error;
  • Streaming compression and decompression of data using GZIP, BZIP2 algorithms;
  • Means of monitoring the disk space size occupied by files, long term storage of unused files, that allow to remove files and directories, depending on the restrictions.

CDR decoding

The complex contains a set of CDR files format decoders for different nodes of communication networks and telecommunications equipment suppliers: Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel, etc. A variety of communication networks nodes generating CDR files, such as MSC, SMSC, GGSN, SGSN and others are supported.

The development of decoders on the customer's request is possible. Decoding is performed in the developed file format that stores the information about the calls to solve the problem of analytical data processing.

Representation in the CSV file format allows easy integration with other complex systems. If necessary, it is possible to develop a specific format and corresponding decoders for other tasks.


The complex contains a separate service of logging with the ability to multi-level recording of information about the unfolding events. Also SNMP-agent provides the possibility of monitoring the state of operations under the standard SNMP protocol.

Brochure "Vitok-CDR" (pdf)