Filtration & Aggregation

Vitok-FW3 (Firewall)

Advanced Russian development for network traffic filtering in 1G-10G networks

Vitok-L2: Protected LAN

10G switches on integrated circuits designed by NORSI-TRANS

NT-Traffic Management (NTTM)

Unique solution for hardware classification (DPI) and aggregation of IP traffic

100G Media Converter

Convert media and data between Ethernet interfaces 100GBASE-LR4 (CFP4), 100GBASE-SR10 (CFP2), 10GBASE (SR)

NanoSwitch 64/128 + 2x100G

Problem solution for high speed DPI-2 managed Ethernet-switching

Traffic Generator

Equipment for load testing of IP network devices


Network management system


Hardware switching/routing of packages on the basis of SDN rules tables


Filtration of the traffic on the network level in the 10G-40G-100G networks


End-to-end solution for telecom operators and Internet service providers networks legality