NT-Traffic Management (NTTM)

"NT-Traffic Management (NTTM)" is a unique solution for hardware classification (DPI) and aggregation of IP traffic.

Hardware platform advantages:

  • Guaranteed performance characteristics for any load levels of channels and packet sizes;
  • Fault tolerance and channel reservation for continuous operation without failures;
  • No CPU, program code and opportunity to influence operation logic from the outside.

NTTM can be applied as a part of surveillance systems, according to the Order №83 of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation from April 16, 2014 "Оn approval of regulations on the use of switching systems equipment, including software that provides performance of established actions when carrying out operative-investigative activities". NTTM can be used to manage traffic in the network of the telecom operator. Certificate of conformity.

Key characteristics:

  • Traffic control in the network of the telecom operator: aggregation, filtering, shaping, lock;
  • Detection of signatures with entire tracking of network streams, built-in support for complex protocols (for example, BitTorrent);
  • Built-in 64 interfaces 10G/1G Ethernet, configuration options;
  • Expansion to 2x100G Ethernet/20x10G Ethernet (to 84x10G), possibility to connect up to 16x40G Ethernet;
  • Traffic balancing (different methods);
  • Transparent channel aggregation "any to any";
  • Intense buffering of highly loaded channels;
  • Network stack support of any complexity;
  • Consumption 1RU to 200W 220/48 W;
  • Guaranteed DPI bandwidth - 100 Gbit\s;
  • Channel non-blocking processing of data without hard drives, processors and OS.

Additional functionality, support for network stacks and configurations, updates can be delivered to the Customer in the form of firmware produced by NORSI-TRANS.