Hardware and software for speech recognition and analysis. Processing of voice information and automatic recognition of free speech into text using artificial intelligence and machine engagement technologies.

Basic software modules:

DRV-SAAI-NOISE - Noise cleaning. Noise and background noise cleaning module: background music, noise, road noise. DRV-SAAI-DIAR - Speaker separation (diarization) and speaker recognition. Marking up speakers, restoring replicas and dialogs. DRV-SAAI-LANG - Identification of speech language. Classification of Common Speech Languages: major European languages (German, English, French, Spanish). Chinese, Arabic, Turkish are possible. DRV-SAAI-TRANS - Speech Transcripting. Speech to text translation. Wide range of input data: call center records (telephone conversations), video interviews, microphone records, and files from recorders. Multilingual communication management is also possible. DRV-SAAI-EVAL - Text analysis. Identification of keywords, main text subjects, identifying named entities. DRV-SAAI-LEARN - Training. Improving the quality of recognition by training the program on arrays of user records.