"Langraf-BIT" - processing storage and retrospective analysis of the Internet protocol information.

"Langraf-BIT" allows processing of *.PCAP files in the automatic (streaming) and manual modes. Information found in the source files on all protocols supported by the system is saved in the storage in standard files formats, that are convenient for searching, viewing, export and printing.

Index files are created during deep processing of the input data by the original technology of NORSI-TRANS. The index size is approximately 10% of the source Internet-traffic volume in the .PCAP format. The speed of information processing and the time of data storage depends on the ordered hardware configuration.

The following search criteria may be specified:

  • IP4 or IPv6 address;
  • E-mail address (including the one that is contained in the documents);
  • User identifier in the messaging programs;
  • Social network user identifier;
  • VoIP subscriber identification data;
  • Key word (full-text search).

Any of the listed criteria may be specified as a mask, where the symbol «*» replaces any amount of symbols and the symbol «?» replaces any individual symbol. Search criteria can be combined using  logical connectives "and", "or", "not".

The main protocol types HTTP, FTP, SIP, H323, IAX2, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ICQ, Jabber, Agent etc. are supported. Popular web-services processing. Customization according to the client's tasks.

Full-text search:

  • Through archives content: *.zip, *.rar, *.gz, *.tar, *.bz2, *.7z, *.cab, *.arj, *.lhz, *.deb, *.rpm, *.chm, *.iso, *.vhd, *.lzma;
  • Through documents content: Microsoft Office 97-2013 (Word *.doc/*.docx, Excel *.xls/*.xlsx, PowerPoint *.ppt/*.pptx, Visio *.vsd/*.vsdx, Access *.mdb/*.accdb), OpenOffice (Writer *.odt, Calc *.ods, Impress *.odp, Adobe Reader *.pdf, *.rtf, *.txt, *.csv, html, xml);
  • Supports different types of transport formats/codings: MIME/*.eml, base64, uucode, json, url-encoding.

Search task processing speed: for simple queries - 5 sec/1Tb; for advanced queries with several substitute symbols - up to 15 min. Possibility of simultaneous search of no less than 4000 criteria in automatic (streaming) and manual modes.

"Langraf-BIT"  has a powerful system of monitoring of the state and parameters of the system (sensors):

    • Using of the disk space;
    • Input/output amount and latency;
    • Separate processes state;
    • Memory consumption;
    • CPU capacity;
    • And many other parameters required for analysis of the state of the system as a whole.

    The display of the statistical information on all collected parameters in the graphical mode with adjustable time interval is possible for the detailed analysis of the hardware-software device operation.