KROZ – URL Blocking

Technical characteristics:

  • Full compatibility with Roskomnadzor standards;
  • Complies with the Technical Requirements of the Law No. 139 of July 28, 2012 "On amending the Federal Law "On protection of children from information harmful to health and development" and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" on restricting access to Internet resources containing information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation;
  • Non-destructive installation in any network;
  • Blocking indicators - 99.999% by the results of the month;
  • Flexible DPI mechanism for analyzing all URL request options;
  • Automatic system for correcting rules and analyzing presentation options;
  • Compact solutions for any level of system performance.

Installation Diagrams:

  • Using routing;
  • Channel insert with automatic bypass protection;
  • Passive activation with active component.

Also blocking according to:

Software build-up system in case of correction/expansion of legislative norms.