Yakhont Universal server E124

NORSI-TRANS developed the design documentation and launched a serial production of Yakhont Universal Server E124 based on the national platform “Elbrus”

The server is designed based on experience of the world's leading manufacturers and is available in 2 versions. The design of the case enables mounting up to 12 hard drives.

Easy access to hard drives, hot swapping supported.

Proprietary technologies of:

  • reduced vibration
  • HDD overheating prevention

NORSI-TRANS-based serial production.

Developed servers:

  • Hot-swap HDD backplanes (NORSI-TRANS development)
  • Connection boards (NORSI-TRANS development)
  • Indication boards (NORSI-TRANS development)
  • 124 HDD cases (NORSI TRANS development)

Equipment production in Russia:

  • Mainboards
  • Interface and connection boards
  • Server cases
  • Assembly and QC


  • The server was designed and manufactured in Russia
  • Interface boards for connecting HDD (backplanes) and controls are designed and manufactured in Russia
  • Russian chassis design, power supply, organization of interface lines
  • Trusted computing platform "Elbrus"
  • Protective faceplates and plugs on ports preventing unauthorized access to components
  • Built-in intrusion sensors

Yakhont universal server E124/Single processor/Back view


Yakhont universal server E124/ Location of major components

Construction of ultra-dense data storage

  • Up to 1 736 TB of unallocated disk space per server, at least 4 GB/sec of recorded information
  • Up to 13, 88 Pbytes per one 42U rack, up to 20 GB/sec of the recorded data on the cabinet
  • Ethernet interfaces, RDMA/RoCE, Infiniband

Ultra-Dense HDD mounting 

  • Mounting of up to 124 HDD 3'5 form factor (LFF)
  • Proprietary technologies of reducing vibration and heat dissipation
  • Hot-swap HDD backplanes (NORSI-TRANS development)
  • Connection boards (NORSI-TRANS development)
  • Indication boards (NORSI-TRANS development)
  • 124 HDD cases (NORSI-TRANS development)

Yakhont universal server E124/Specifications

Computing resources
MainboardE8C/EATX module
ProcessorElbrus-8С (1891ВМ10Я)
Processor frequency1300 MHz
Processor amount2 (16 cores)
Type8 DIMM slots 184-pin DDR3-1600 registered ECC
Max volumeUp to 128 GBytes
Disk subsystem
Max amount / HDD format124 / 3.5”
Supported RAID array levelsJBOD, 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Hard drivesSAS/SATA 6G, 12G
1G Ethernet5x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet LAN
10G Ethernet2x SFP+ 10Gb Ethernet
Power supply
Rated power2160 W
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions, mm986x445x221
Mounting size / Form factor, U5
Weight, kg150
Operating parameters
Operating conditionsTemperature +5...+35 °C
Pressure 630...800 mm Hg. Art.
IPMI control

Disk array configurations

  Disk CapacityStorage capacity
(124 disks)
Hot Plug LFF SAS2 Tb248 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SAS4 Tb496 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SAS6 Tb744 Тb
SAS cofigurationsHot Plug LFF SAS8 Tb992 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SAS10 Tb1240 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SAS12 Tb1488 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SAS14 Tb1736 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SATA48 Tb248 Тб
Hot Plug LFF SATA96 Tb496 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SATA144 Tb744 Тb
SATA cofigurationsHot Plug LFF SATA192 Tb992 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SATA240 Tb1240 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SATA288 Tb1488 Тb
Hot Plug LFF SATA336 Tb1736 Тb
6G and 12G hard drives supported

Additional network adapter configurations

1 Gbit EthernetIntel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4V24х1GbE2
Intel® Ethernet X520-DA22х1GbE/10GbE2
Mellanox MCX311A-XCCT1x10GbE2
10 Gbit EthernetMellanox MCX312B-XCCT2x10GbE2
Mellanox MCX313A-BCCT40/56GbE2
Mellanox MCX314A-BCCT2x40/56GbE2

Supported operating systems:


Supports hardware-software binary translation of machine code for Intel x86 platforms (launch of existing programs for Intel platforms).

Support of RDMA/ROCE technologies

RDMA technology (remote direct memory access) enables direct data transfer between servers from the memory of one application to the memory of another without central processors. RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) — is a technology of efficient data transmission with very low latency in Ethernet networks without losses, which allows using already installed Ethernet switches. Yakhont Universal Server E124 supports RDMA functions:

  •  Unloading a zero-copy RDMA transport for a low CPU load enables using the server as a high-performance NAS storage
  • Ethernet management infrastructure can be used "as is"
  • Support for 10G / 40G Ethernet adapters with RDMA / RoCE function
  • Pre-installed OFED stack support

NVME Support

Single NVMe SSD drive with PCI-E 4x interface can be installed to to cache relevant information and use the accumulated information via the RDMA interface with a speed of up to 2 GB/s.

All equipment is equipped with:

  • Detachable protective front panel to prevent unauthorized drive removal
  • Open detectors
  •  Rear end cap to prevent access to non-standard ports

Embedded software controls open sensors, disk removal and signaling.

Compliance with safety requirements:

Order of the Ministry of Information and Communications of December 06, 2007 (ed. by the Order of the Ministry of Communications of Russia of April 23, 2013 No93) "On the approval of rules for the use of switching equipment and the routing information packets"

Technical regulations of the customs union: